Web Real Time Communication

Web advancements are fast, furious and driving. It is never too early to start looking at ways to incorporate emerging technology like Web RTC into your own web development projects. Companies should look at the options of getting on-board with WebRTC sooner than later, as this will be the next big step to getting the phone to meet the web.
The web is going to change how we make communications work; it is going to change how we make phone calls in very fundamental ways. Web RTC is making a significant impact, get the solutions you need to succeed —Srija will help you map the course of your success.
Srija enables clients to adapt to Web RTC by building a strong platform that works across multiple web browsers, across multiple platforms and devices. WebRTC is putting a real time media engine into the browser, which will eventually make every browser in the world capable of providing real time communications. .

Srija’s Web RTC Services

*         Through WebRTC Srija provides clients with the ability to write rich.

*         Real-time multimedia applications similar to video chat, for use on the web, with no plugins, downloads, or installs required.


What we did so far:

*         Srija helped Clients to define client-side APIs which will enable Real-Time Communications in Web browsers

*         Enabling applications that can be run directly inside the browser to communicate in real-time, and directly with other Web applications.



Web Portals

Web Portals

The way companies do business has changed considerably from the last decade since web became a mainstream technology as well as an alternative platform. Web Portals are no longer simple user interfaces but essential tools for realizing business vision.
The portals throw open myriads of business opportunities and the trend is leveraged by many new generation business entities. Portals have created new opportunities for businesses from customer identification to customer satisfaction, thus helping to streamline processes and integrating multiple lines of operation.
Srija, with its proven expertise over web and portal development, enables you to optimize business growth, enhance efficiencies, expand distribution channels, and ensure competitive advantage and where you stay in reach with your customers of all marketplaces.
Over the last few years we've built web portals across verticals and have had the contentment of realizing dreams of many promising businesses and web entrepreneurs over the web. We empower entrepreneurs in devising their business platforms and processes through portals by delivering results. We effortlessly facilitate web entrepreneurs to stay focused on their core business and while we do so on their technology needs.

Srija’s Web Portals Services

*         Creating customized applications for a web portal already up and live

*         Enterprising & Innovative web portal solutions with the latest technologies Integrating third party applications such as payment gateways, open source interactive modules etc.

*         B2B portal solutions that provide services like e-Commerce Website & Application Development with shopping carts, e-Marketplace servicing as a business hub etc.

*         B2C portal solutions enabling businesses reach their target customer base

What we did so far:

We served clients from a range of industries including B2B & B2C, eCommerce, Real estate, Finance, Media, Education, Travel & Tourism, Entertainment, Fashion, Manufacturing, Health, Pharmaceutical, Retail, Energy, IT, Automotive and horizontal solutions.

Web Development

Web Development

Technology transforms the way we communicate to continue with our business as it is critically essential to adapt to the changes to our advantage. Web based application development isn't just about the resource optimizer but it is about organizing various collaboration process with your employees, vendors, clients or partners, effectively and apparently which makes web development so effective.
Web development is equally important for big and small companies which include a plethora of activities like database integration, intranet & extranet applications deployment, ability to use a content management system for a dynamic and interactive web site, supporting all objective interests of each business. Srija has the expertise in web development to live the challenge and let you achieve your business objectives by improving standards in communication processes by installing ad-hoc applications throughyour web site.

Srija’s Web Development Services

*         Custom Web Application Development

*         Web Application Enhancements

*         Web-enabling Legacy Applications

*         Re-Engineering of Existing Web Application

*         Migration of Legacy Applications

Mobile Web Development/ Apps

Mobile Web Development/ Apps

How is your web app performing on the mobile?

*         Long loading time

*         Partial content display

*         Unresponsive UI

*         Jittery Animation

If your answer is any of the above or more, it is time to move to Mobile web app development. The web is going mobile.
Mobile web apps are flexible, cost-effective solution for allowing you to translate your web brand to mobile, making it universally accessible from all the mobile devices Mobile web apps take advantage of the best of latest technologies, providing users with the rich look and feel of native applications.
Srija’s approach combines the versatility of the web with the functionality of touch-enabled devices. Srija enhances Mobile Web apps leaner, faster and more specific to usability, with less scrolling ensuring a rich quality user experience. Srija has the experience in designing visually consistent Mobile We Apps across multiple platforms and devices of any combination of display sizes and resolutions.
We leverage inherent capabilities of HTML5 to make your app pleasant, engaging and accessible. It will be at par with web and native app platforms. We have extensive experience in combining CSS3 and JavaScript technologies with HTML5 to create web apps that are every bit as interesting and functional as native apps.

Srija’s Mobile Web Development/ Application Services

*         Mobile web application development

*         UX Design

*         Application porting and migration

What We did so far:

*         Android SDK, Java, J2ME

*         Native iOS using Objective C, Cocoa Touch and Android

*         HTML5, Sencha, Titanium and PhoneGap