Mobile Technologies

The entire world is going mobile. Today’s rapid advancement in mobile technologies and with the industry buzz enterprises need to quickly adapt to mobile technologies to stay competitive in their line of business. It might be a case of jumping onto the bandwagon with your own mobile app—or getting run over by it. Srija has progressively added mobile offerings to our client solutions thereby adding value to their businesses. We have collaborated with companies to take the leap into mobile solutions helping them forge their brand across multiple platforms.

Our clients often reckon us for:

  • Fast Track development with short burst deliveries
  • Applications of Business Mobility & Scalability
  • Intuitive and fluid User experience applications

Srija's Mobile technologies Services

  • Customized software development for mobiles
  • Embedded mobile applications
  • Integration of mobile solutions into Enterprise Systems
  • Porting applications to various types of mobile platforms
  • Mobile Migration
  • Platform independent mobile application development

What we did so far:

  • iPhone and iPad Application Development
  • Multi Phone platform Applications
  • Android Application Development
  • Windows Phone Application Development
  • Blackberry and Playbook Applications
  • Mobile Website Development

Mobile OS adoption in India

  • 62% Android
  • Symbian
  • Windows
  • Windows Phones
  • RIM
  • IOS

Popular Paid Categories

  • 58% Games
  • 53% Chat/IM
  • 45% Music
  • Tablet Ownership 3%

Cloud Technologies

By 2015, more than half of the Enterprise level IT solutions would be delivered over the Cloud. In which half are you in? The current global economy has created a need for more nimble application development across enterprises. Cloud technologies are looked upon as a vehicle for change. Srija helps customers to harness the power of Cloud servicing by not just confining to hardware but also to the application development and deployment part of it. Srija enables clients to leverage on Cloud based services to reduce costs, improve performance and increase organizational efficiencies. In short, we help you to accelerate your success in the Cloud allowing you to scale infinitely.

Srija's Cloud Technologies Services:

Srija offers Cloud based technologies that are business-driven, fast and flexible. Our portfolio of services on the Cloud includes:

  • Cloud Strategy & Consulting:

    We help you to develop a Cloud-centric roadmap, business case, app prioritization, operational and change plan.
  • Cloud Migration:

    We drive successful enterprise adoption of Cloud from the existing enterprise applications
  • Cloud Development:

    We enable you to meet the unique needs of your business with custom application development, SAAS Application development, Cloud Service Brokerage etc. Cloud Management: We offer hosting, support and maintenance of your Cloud applications over time, freeing your IT team to partner with the business as a change leader, innovation driver, and process enabler.
  • What we did so far:

  • On Cloud we’ve delivered Software as a Service Applications (SaaS) , E-commerce, Social Networking, Mobile Digital Advertising, and Consumer Mobile Apps.

Open Source Technologies

Today, bringing a new application to the marketplace is an incredibly challenging process that requires significant resources and infrastructure. Many organizations struggle to tame this beast to speed their time-to-market while also working with their costs. Embracing Open source technologies with the right vendor often answers this puzzling question. In recent times, significant momentum has been gained by several open source platforms that even large enterprises are adopting to build their web and n-tier applications with thick client software. Srija helps enterprises of all sizes in easy adoption to open source technologies propelling them to the next information age. Open source technologies offer tremendous cost advantages and this bundled

With Srija’s expertise in:

  • Accelerated Product Releases
  • Reduced time to setup a team of experts in the latest technologies
  • Leverage tools and framework to Reduce Time-to-Market
  • Leverage solutions that helps products integrate with other Products
  • Optimized Cost of Development.


Our strong expertise in Java technologies helps us deliver pragmatic and functional applications for enterprises of all sizes. The freshness of our approach is the value vector that we bring to the table. Our clients have valued and gained tremendously from this approach that blends Java with our clients existing investment in databases, file sets, job streams and processes. We have evolved our processes successfully in supporting enterprises endeavours to remain competitive and flexible.

Our clients reckon us for:

  • Agile development with flexibility for changing requirements
  • Matured process and best practices
  • Skilled and knowledgeable professionals with good business and domain understanding

Srija’s JAVA Services

  • Custom Java Development
  • Java Application Development
  • Enterprise Java Development
  • J2EE Application Development
  • Java Mobile Applications
  • Java/J2EE Software Development
  • Java Application Programming
  • Java Maintenance and Support

What we did so far:

  • Application Framework: Struts, Spring, Hibernate, GWT, RichFaces, Apache Wicket, Grails, Liferay, Jersey, Axis
  • Technologies: J2EE , JSP , Servlet , JSF , JDBC , JPA , RMI , Swing , AJAX , JSON , Web Services , EJB
  • Operating System: Windows, Linux, Unix , Mac
  • Application and Webserver JBOSS , Tomcat , Glassfish , Oracle Weblogic , Jetty , IBM Websphere , OC4J , Oracle Application Server, Google App Engine
  • Development Tool: JBOSS , Tomcat , Glassfish , Oracle Weblogic , Jetty , IBM Websphere , OC4J , Oracle Application Server, Google App Engine
  • BI & Reporting Tool: Pentaho , JasperSoft
  • Database: Oracle , MySQL , MSSQL , MongoDB , HsqlDB
  • Others: Jensor , JProfiler
  • Architecture: MVC, Client Server, WEB (2/3/n Tier), SOA, WOA (REST)
  • Messaging service of Java
  • Java server pages standard tag Library
  • J2EE connector architecture
  • Java persistence
  • Java authentication and authorization services
  • Java architecture for XML binding
  • Java transaction
  • Streaming API for XML
  • SOAP with attachments API for Java
  • Java API for XML-based RPC
  • Java API for XML-based Web services
  • Web services metadata for Java platform

Microsoft Technologies .Net

We at Srija, embrace industry relevant contemporary trends in Microsoft technologies to ensure early adoption, equip knowledge and promote best practices. Our solutions ensure that you maximize your current investments, deliver new deployments in rapid time, and improve competitiveness in the marketplace to meet your business goals Srija offers services in all the facets of Microsoft technologies development which includes but not limited to design frameworks, enterprise solutions architecture (Web and Windows based), web services solutions, web portal sites, enterprise reporting, workflow engines, collaboration portals and office integration solutions. The value proposition that Srija brings to your business include:

  • Faster time to market implementation
  • Reduced risk of technology implementation
  • Best practices with business fit technologies

Srija’s Microsoft Technologies Services

  • Our spectrum of services around Microsoft technologies include enterprise project management, platform migration, packaged solutions, collaboration, .NET development &architecture consulting, and application integration.

What we did so far:

  • Component / Architecture: .NET, COM+, SOA, .NET Enterprise Services
  • Languages: C#, F#, C++/CLI, VB.NET, PowerShell, T-SQL
  • App. Servers and Web Platforms: IIS, ASP.NET, Commerce Server .NET
  • Business Process Management and Workflow: SharePoint Server, BizTalk Server, WF
  • Portals: MS SharePoint
  • Data exchange: WCF/WF, ADO.NET, Entity Framework, LINQ
  • GUI: ASP.NET WebForms, ASP.NET MVC, WinForms, WPF, Silverlight, XAML
  • Cloud computing: Windows Azure, SQL Azure, BPOS
  • Mobile technologies: Windows CE, Windows Phone 7
  • Low-level programming: WinAPI (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows Kernel, Windows Driver Kit.
  • Deployment technology: Windows Installer, ClickOnce