Document Management System

Document Management Service

Digitalisation by replacing the cumbersome methods of document storage/retrieval and by having instant access to your information.

Most advanced, highest quality, data capture and data processing solutions to our clients while accommodating individual needs with customized programs that provide maximum return on investment. Services include:

*         Forms processing

*         Data processing

*         Data conversion

*         Data management

*         Document digitization

*         Electronic recognition; OCR & ICR Processing

*         Hand-written, Machine Print, Reader response

*         Document & Workflow Management

*         Multiformat and multi media delivery

*         Upload and Integration to legacy Document Management System

*         Varied dpi resolutions depending, storage and retrieval requirements

Scanning and Indexing services

*         Delivery / Pick-up

*         Document Preparation

*         File Stripping / Purging

*         Volume High-Speed Scanning

*         Indexing and Verification

*         Quality Assurance / Quality Control

*         Full Text OCR

*         Document Re-Assembly

*         Database Creation And Population

*         CD Mastering

*         On-Site / Off-Site Production

Data Management Services

Use of data for client is critical not only in the required format but make it available instantly when needed. Hence a range of value added services offered by us make the efficient data availability and utility for analysis and prompt decision making.

*         Data conversion across varied formats

*         Ability to work on print and electronic data

*         Highly customised and client tailored data processing services

*         Data is re-keyed to provide 99% accuracy

*         Online quality and error validation and rectification

*         Data capturing fromr all kinds which includes printed text, manuscripts, scanned

         images etc.