Social Networking

The phenomenon of social media has made tremendous impact on the societies and business' of today. Social networking has been largely responsible for the ‘flat earth’ revolution currently leading the IT sector. It is constantly pushing the boundaries of its definition. Originating as a platform for people to get together and form online communities, social networking portals rapidly evolved into trusted business networks that facilitated the acquiring of services over the net. Brands are flocking to social networks, some with strategies and others simply experimenting with community building. What's clear is that the 3F's (friends, fans, and followers) are not created equal. Srija helps in strategizing and consulting to those brands who want to examine the composition of their existing community And, insights like how can we encourage our 3F’s to buy?". We position ourselves more as strategic partners, as it will challenge us to continue to develop applications abreast of trend and challenge us to add scale as rapidly as is necessary to support our successful clients.

Srija’s Social Networking Services

*         Social strategy and consulting

*         Customized Social Networking design and Development

*         Community Site Development

*         Social Networking Web Development

*         Social Networking Web Design

*         Social Networking Game Development

What We did so far:

*         API Integration to an existing application

*         Social media strategy

*         User experience and graphics design for social media applications

*         Social media application development / management

*         Social media marketing and promotion

*         Scraping , Ecommerce, CMS, Wall Messaging System, Custom Video Players, Advertising

*         Polls/Votes/Opinions / Surveys, RSS - Content Syndication, Interest Groups

Social Commerce

Social media has evolved significantly and it’s no longer an experiment, but a marketing must-have. As companies struggle for acceptance, the effort no longer is social for the sake of being social, but gives rise to horizontal processes that extend beyond marketing to drive social commerce. Social commerce has migrated from social network websites to ecommerce sites and traversed from the top of the purchasing funnel to the bottom. Increased traffic, increased average order value, and conversion rate lifts are now the result of a great website social experience that incorporates social sharing, duration, crowd-sourced product discovery, social rewards, and the use of social data to grow customer relationships.

Srija's Social Commerce Services

*         Social commerce is not limited to just a Facebook page

*         Our social commerce strategies include the encouragement of user-generated advertorial content.

*         Customer ratings and reviews.

*         User recommendations and referrals.

*         Social shopping tools (such as “Like” buttons or Facebook Stores).

*         Usability testing

*         Forums and Communities.

*         Social applications and Social advertising.

What We did so far

*         Mobile Applications.

*         Geo-location shopping.

*         2-D Tagging.

*         Social Couponing.

*         Smart shelves-coupled with social technologies.

*         Loyalty programs and point of sale data to redesign the shopping experience.