Revenue Cycle Management

Provider Services

We help physicians focus on their core function by: Operational streamlining to maximize revenues Serving Multi-Specialty physician groups and clinics Improve operational efficiency and productivity, compliance adherence.

Coding Services

*         Our strength is Compliant, Correct, and Consistent Coding

           Data processing

*         Service offering across wide specialties including Radiology, OB-Gyn, Neurology,

           Cardiology, Anesthesia, Orthopedics and Gastroenterology.

*         Our professional team comprises qualified doctors and AHIMA/AAPC Certified

            Medical Coders

*         Services guarantee 98-100% accuracy with complete CMS compliance

          and guaranteed turnaround of 24-48 hours.

*         Risk mitigation with transparent access and consistent accuracy of less than 0.2%

          error rate.

*         Continual focus to hone the skills to meet the ICD-10 coding requirements.

Billing Services

Billing Constraint mitigation and higher revenue realization by ensuring claims are paid accurately and in a timely fashion through:

*         Better managed Provider credentialing, patient demographics, charge entry, claim

          generation, AR follow up and payment posting.

*         Beyond Billing, Bringing Higher Revenues

*         Meticulous review of review of coverage and policy details, explanation of

          benefits (EOB) and patient medical records

*         Efficient biller team minimizes the rejections and insurance denials and reduce

          the AR days.

*         Assured charge entry and payment posting functions, maintaining a TAT of

          less than 24 hrs.

*         Working across various states, billing platforms & conventions, for seamlessly

         transition of billing responsibilities.

*         Continuous domain knowledge and skill updating through continuous training on

  CMS Medicare updates, AMA updates, NCCI Edits and LCD Validations.

  Our Billing services include:

*         Billing Services

*         Provider Credentialing

*         Patient Scheduling

*         Benefits and Eligibility verification

*         Demographics entry

*         Charge entry

*         Claim generation and transmission

*         Payment Posting and Adjustments

A/R Resolution & Denial Management Services

*         Our A/R analysis and denial management targets meeting the predefined objective so

           that our clients receive the reimbursements due to them.

*         Our target is to ensuring our clients success in maintaining a less than 60 day

           payment cycle.

*         Our A/R task is highly inclusive comprising thorough review of the Insurance Policy

          Details/Explanation of Benefits/Patient's Medical Records, enlisting and ascertaining

          parties liable for the pending payment and regular follow-up with the liable.

          party (Insurance/Patient) for the payment recovery.

*          Our value additions include A/R analysis, A/R follow-up, Denial management and

           conduct Practice financial performance analysis to improve our client RCM.

Payment Integrity and Audit Services

*         Our USP is to help our client recover lost dollars & enhance their revenues through

          a retrospective review of your zero balance claims, with zero upfront investment!

*         Online quality and error validation and rectification

*         Through our 'Payment Integrity Audit services' we help identify the payment variances

           through retrospective review of claims & recover them.

*         We help mitigating the payment variances through manual review & analysis of complex

          Payer contracts where the complexities are, increasing the likelihood of payment


*         Our Payment Integrity Audit services help drill down the payment variances and help

           realize otherwise lost revenues.