Distributors of various other chemical products n.e.c.(antiknock preparations, anti-freeze preparations, liquids for hydraulic transmission, composite diagnostic or laboratory reagents, writing or drawing ink, chemical substance used in manufacturing of pesticides and other chemical products)


  • Taq polymerase (Info)
  • Hot start taq polymerase (Info)
  • Reverse Transcriptase (Info)
  • Bst Polymerase (Info)
  • 5X PCR Mix (end point PCR) (Info)
  • 2X Real Time PCR mix with hot start taq for Taqman reactions
  • 2X Real Time PCR mix for Taqman reactions
  • 5X PCR mix for Syber Green reactions
  • RT Mix for single tube Reverse Transcription and Real time PCR (info)
  • Real Time PCR mix for Ultrafast Real Time PCR (Taqman and Real Time PCR)


  • Quantiplus Real Time PCR Kits
  • Product Details, Technical details
  • Quantiplus Adeno Virus Quantitation Kit
  • Quantiplus BK Virus Quantitation Kit
  • Quantiplus Epstein Bar Virus Quantitation Kit
  • Quantiplus Chikungunya detection Kit
  • Quantiplus MTB/NTM detection Kit
  • Quantiplus Dengue detection Kit
  • Quantiplus HBV Quantitation Kit
  • Quantiplus HSV 1&2 Detection Kit
  • Quantiplus JAK-2 V617>F mutation detection Kit
  • Quantiplus BCR-ABL Quantitation Kit
  • Quantiplus Dengue genotyping
  • Quantiplus JC virus Quantitation Kit
  • Quantiplus JE virus detection Kit
  • Quantiplus Cryptococcus detection Kit
  • Quantiplus Malaria Detection kit
  • Quantiplus Toxoplasma Detection kit
  • Quantiplus HPV 16 & 18 detection kit