Content Management Services

You’ve come to the point, as it is with many organizations, where you realize you have a problem managing content on your various Web properties. Whether this is being able to quickly and easily create, edit and publish content without the involvement of technical resources or simply building landing pages for your online marketing initiatives, investing in a Content Management System (CMS) reduces costs and helps overcome potential barriers to all your Web communications.
Srija believes that the well-managed content and Real time information are the two most important things that draw visitors to a website and compel them to revisit the site.
Srija helps to implement CMS without compromising on the design and layout of the website to make it a success. We help you to simplify site maintenance, ensure usability and consistent corporate branding, accelerate ROI, and bring information overload under control.
As times change, the marketplace finds new reasons for implementing content management systems – such as using them as a basis for content-aware business application development. Srija ensures you to stay abreast with all the latest advancements towards your business objectives.
We work with Open-Source CMS platforms such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Kentico, Moodle, Typo3, Mambo, and DotNetNuke, etc. to make robust dynamic applications like eCommerce storefronts, RSS feeds, Blogging, Community Portals, Interactive Image Galleries, Corporate websites, E-Magazines & Polls integration etc .

Srija’s CMS Services

*         CMS Consulting

*         Custom CMS Development

*         CMS Modules Implementation

*         CMS Customization

*         CMS Template & Theme Designing

*         CMS Plug-ins, Components, Module Development & Installation

*         Third party tools integrations with CMS

*         Payment Integration

*         Upgrade & Enhancement services

*         CMS Migration

*         CMS Support & Maintenance

*         CMS Hosting

*         CMS Training


What we did so far:

*         Document content Management.

*         Web content management

*         Enterprise content management.

*         Portal content management

*         Source content Management

*         Digital asset management




Customer Relationship Management

You need a robust customer relations model that can give you a holistic picture of your customers' needs, behavior patterns, and all your communications and transactions with them.
While today's technology and business systems for managing customer relationships are extremely sophisticated, even the most innovative solutions fall short without precise and supervised implementation. Srija’s CRM practice is driven by our work philosophy that we work for our customer’s customers. Srija enables you to increase profitable customer relationships by offering a fully integrated, end-to-end portfolio of tailor designed CRM business solutions.
We enjoy being customer’s first pick as we do precise execution and rapid implementation of your customized CRM solutions which is backed by on -going support and training.
Our approach enables clients decisively observe, investigate and operate on customer related data. Our CRM solutions induce transparency and operational visibility into your business model. Our aim is to help you bring all customer intelligence in the enterprise onto a common platform. And further, to enable you with the ability to address, accomplish and realize all strategies into instant ROI.

Srija’s CRM Services

*         CRM Consulting

*         CRM Solutions Implementation

*         Open source CRM Customization

*         Third party tools integrations with CRM

*         Training

*         Upgrade services

*         Support & Maintenance

*         CRM Hosting

What we did so far:

*         Sugar CRM Implementation

*         Sugar CRM Customization

*         V Tiger Training

*         Zoho CRM Implementation

*         CRM Package Evaluation

*         Feasibility Analysis

*         Integrating with Tally Accounting System etc.



If you aren't doing at least some part of your business over the Web, you're missing out on a huge opportunity. Aren't you?
Today, e-commerce is an integral part of the business world. Especially for entrepreneurs it provides access to distant markets and helps to open new horizons of opportunity. But with an endless amount of possibilities with ecommerce, it's often confusing to identify just what needs to be done.
We at Srija recognize that running an online shop is all about looking good, getting found and having the right fit technology in the background to maximize your profits. Our e-Commerce services enable you to perform in both UpSell technology (selling MORE to each visitor) and After Sell technology with mailing lists, discount offers, sales analytics etc.
We work with merchants and manufacturers who are struggling to increase sales and would like to boost their revenue by reaching more markets and servicing existing clients more efficiently by understanding the consumer behavior better.

Srija’s E-Commerce Services

*         B2B ecommerce Solutions

*         B2C e commerce Solutions

*         Open source E-Commerce Integration

*         E-commerce with CMS

*         Payment Gateway Integration

*         Shopping cart solutions

*         Credit Card or CC integration

*         Online Inventory Management

What We did so far:

*         Loyalty points

*         Integrated blog

*         Graphical reports

*         Product reviews

*         Order manager

*         Multiple currency

*         Special Offers & Hot Deals

*         Order Tracking