Medical Transcription

Transcription Service

*         HIPPA compliant

*         Fully trained in-house managed Transcription team

*         Both Offshore and Onsite service

*         Geographically distributed On-shore and Off-site service centers

*         Fully qualified and manpower and fully equipped knowledge repository with

           more than 6 man years of experience for an average MT/Editor

*         Backed by excellent infrastructure with redundancy and failsafe disaster


*         Client customized Flexible TAT options

*         Committed accuracy levels

*         More than 15 years industry experience

*         Excellent and satisfied client credentials

Transcription Life Cycle management

*         Easy dictation through toll free lines and other modes of dictations like Records

          and FTP uploads

*         Auto pooling of voice files across geographically spread out transcriptionists and


*         Dynamic fly-by-online control of voice and document management at all stages of

          transcription, editing and upload

*         An online workflow management controls work status at any given point of


*         Workflow wizard not only controls the production and quality but transmission,

          printing and facing and mailing of documents within minutes of completion

*         Online editing of the documents and generation of quality and editing logs for

          continuous training and quality improvement

*         Batch signing and e digital signing of documents

*         Batch signing and e digital signing of documents