Customer Centric Web Strategy

The web changed the dynamics of the relationship between the organization and the customer. The customer is more empowered, more in control.Most organizations aren't focusing enough on the customer. Their marketing material might talk about how important the customer is, but the web culture of most companies is organization-centric—they focus on themselves. The problem with this approach is that organization-centric websites fail. The customer-centric websites are the ones that succeed. Srija's Customer centric web strategy is driven by our work philosophy that we work for our customer's customers. Srija believes that the Customer focus is about hard-edged business. Customers are hugely impatient on the web. They don't need to hang around a website that is not directly focused on them. Customer focus is the beginning, middle and the end of a successful web strategy. It is all about Reorienting vs. Reorganizing and Redefining vs. Reinventing. We believe “I am not here to sell what I produce – I am here to solve a set of customer problems (…) and actually acting on that!”. A holistic view of business processes on the Web is crucial for customer centricity.

UX - User Experience

A good User experience is memorable. It impresses, it sells, it informs it pays for itself many times. We simply call UI as Useful Experience as we believe that user experience design is not about designing pretty. It's about making it work for you. We believe that the medium is not only the message, but the medium is the experience. And that is why we cannot simply design for the medium; we must design the experience where the medium becomes an enabler to the journey and the end as devised. We take the time to understand your business. We create a design that is accessible for your customers, as well as elegant and self-evident in its structure of information. We translate your requirements into a design that is natural and inviting to users that also provides the features and functionality they desire. In two words, it's simply creative expression and usability.

Srija’s UX Services

*         User Interface Design

*         Usability Consulting

*         Interaction design

*         Wire framing

*         Mobile & responsive design

*         Usability testing

*         Brand – Identity, promotions and collaterals

*         Graphic design & HTML

*         Prototyping

What We did so far

*         We designed application interfaces for cloud based enterprise apps.

*         Thick client applications.

*         IPad/ iPhone applications

*         Android applications and E-commerce websites, GWT, YUI etc.