App Hold

Srija’s own custom Enterprise App Store

Creating the mobile enterprise is one of the biggest challenges faced by organizations trying to stay upbeat with the competition. The challenge is to balance two imperatives. First, Employees are using an ever-increasing array of high end mobile devices and, for the sake of convenience, many employees prefer to use their personal devices for some work functions, including accessing email, the internal network, corporate intranet and data files. On the other side, Enterprises are developing a slew of apps, both generic and custom, to support their particular business needs and to create a competitive advantage. But managing the growing pool of apps and data, controlling security and confidentiality is the big challenge of the hour. Also, Enterprises need to figure out how they will distribute, secure and control the apps their employees use. Many apps need to be limited to just employees or a select group of employees. As Enterprises attempt to accommodate bring your own device (BYOD) policies and exercise some control over that trend, App Hold is your unassailable choice. App Hold empowers enterprises with Apps holding platform dispensing access to their own applications residing out there on a Private Cloud provisioning through a highly customizable enterprise app store while helping enterprises deliver and manage the consumerization with complete visibility into their App assets. It also maintains the control necessary to ensure compliance with licensing agreements, corporate policy and regulatory requirements. .

*         Build and Manage Enterprise App Store

*         Mobile Device Management

*         Platform Independent Mobile App Development

*         Cross Platform Migration

*         Mobile App Development


App Hold Services / Features

*         IT Controlled Publishing & Distribution

*         App Policy &Security Enforcement

*         Virus Checking & Monitoring

*         User/Group Access Control

*         License Management

*         Internal/External Apps Publishing

*         Mobile Content Publishing & Distribution


HTML5 Applications

HTML5 takes web development to another level. HTML5 refers to a broad set of open web technologies, including HTML, CSS, SVG, WOFF and others that provide for significantly enhanced functionality, ubiquitous user experience across multiple browser/handset/OS platforms, app functionality, improved browsing, local storage of app/user data and richer interactivity. HTML5 technology enables you to deliver the same, familiar user experience of a native mobile application, without the hassle of going through App Stores and porting to multiple platforms. We bring our innovative design skills together with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript technologies to help businesses create and deliver high-impact HTML5 based applications that are available across multiple devices, platforms and are rich in functionality.

*         HTML 5 mobile developments

*         HTML 5 web apps development.

*         HTML 5 Games development.

What we did so far:

*         Creating mobile & web applications using HTML 5 with node.js, kendoUI, Sencha Touch VS, CSS 3 frameworks.

*         HTML5 Mobile web apps with Animation.

*         HTML5 websites development.

*         HTML5 development tools.

*         Web application development services.

*         Offline web applications building.

2D Bar Code Marketing

For marketers, 2D codes open a gateway for consumers to conveniently access online information, coupons, videos, directions and more, at precisely the time and location it is most relevant. A 2D code is a two-dimensional barcode that links to an online experience when scanned with a mobile device. A downloaded software application turns a mobile device's camera lens into an optical scanner. Each code is encoded with specific information like a URL or contact information. Srija enable clients to manage it all, from integrating 2D bar code marketing into their overall digital marketing strategies, right up to getting critical insights and converting the company’s marketing efforts into measurable business results.

Srija's 2D Bar Code Marketing Services

*         Contact Codes.

*         Download App.

*         Dynamic Content.

*         Mobile Web Page Builder.

What We did so far:

Successfully launched campaigns incorporated for coupons, discounts, prizes and scavenger hunts into their codes.

Mobile App Development

Mobility has becoming an integral component of the modern business environment. It is becoming increasingly important for companies to ensure that users of these devices are able to quickly and easily access information in either a native application format or in a mobile web environment. Hence, the promise of mobility is immense. However, realizing its full potential can introduce some significant IT challenges. Our mobile apps integrate with either legacy systems or current enterprise systems on the web. We design them to be part of the process, enhancing the process. Simply, our clients can benefit with increased productivity, solved business problems and better communication with the customer. Whether you’re looking for a website that works well on a mobile device or a custom business app for the iPhone, the iPad, or the Android device, Srija can make it happen for you. We have expertise in developing native, Web and hybrid mobile applications for all types of device platforms.

Srija's Mobile Application Development Services

*         Application development

*         Application migration and porting

*         Application re-engineering and enhancement.

*         Application maintenance.

*         Mobile web application development.

What we did so far:

*         Barcode Scanner

*         GPS Services

*         Web Services - using JSON/C#

*         API Integration

*         SMS

*         Record Conversation